The Solar Eclipse 1999 Gallery

This section is dedicated to eclipse reports submitted by ASTRO and EurAstro members and associates:

  • The eclipse from France observed by Robert van der Zaal
  • Ole Nielsen's Eclipse Page (France)
  • Jan Andersen's Eclipse Report (also from France)
  • The eclipse as seen in the Chiemgau (C. Kessler)
  • Eclipse impressions from Munich / Waldperlach (S. Damp)
  • The eclipse observed from the Munich Center Line Camp (J.L. Dighaye, G. Tomezzoli)
  • EurAstro Team Szeged I (Hungary) (M. Rudolf)
  • EurAstro Team Szeged II (Hungary) (H. Beuchat)
  • Totality from Romania A photo series from Peter Samwel

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