Total solar eclipse in France observed by Ole Nielsen

I observed the eclipse near Attigny east of Rethel and northeast of Reims in France, see map below. The weather was not perfect but the corona was clearly visible especially during the first minute of totality. The video was recorded with a Sony Hi8 camcorder mounted on a tripod using high zoom. I have used a miro PCTV card to capture still frames from the video tape. Each of the processed images presented here is the result of averaging 2 to 5 video frames to reduce noise and improve details.

Map cut from Fred Espanak's original map. Courtesy Fred Espenak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

T - 2 seconds: Diamond ring!

T + 0 seconds: Second contact

T + 4 seconds: Corona!

T + 35 seconds: Corona through thicker clouds.

T + 75 seconds: Corona through even thicker clouds. Advantage: Prominences are visible.

T + 132 seconds: Third contact. The daylight returns suddenly within a second or so.

Composite image showing both the corona and the prominences. The image has been created by stacking several corona images with different levels of cloud cover during totality.

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