The EurAstro Association


EurAstro is an informal, nonprofit association for professional and amateur astronomers, based in Nivezé-Jalhay, Belgium. EurAstro was created in 1998.
As of 02.01.2012, it comprised a cumulative total of 1749 past and present members, 1427 of them being active Internet subscribers. As of 31.12.2014, the cumulative total reached 1967, and the subscribers 1724. The respective figures before the International Year of Astronomy 2009 were: cumulative total 647 with 453 subscribers, reflecting EurAstro's strong growth since then. In view of such a growth, it becomes more and more necessary to delegate and to form local sections (see contact persons below).

EurAstro and the EPO Astro Club Munich

Many active EurAstro members work with the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich. The EPO has a social and cultural committee called the Amicale, which comprises a number of clubs such as the EPO Astro Club Munich (ASTRO for short) and the Amicale Astronomy Club (AAC) in The Hague.

Information: in addition to our internet site, specific information is provided via e-mail, specific brochures of the Amicale, the Yahoo! group of the AAC, and the French-speaking EurAstro blog.

The EPO (aka Europäisches Patentamt, EPA, or Office Européen des Brevets, OEB) has three official languages: English, German and French. ASTRO/EurAstro have a fourth official language: Italian.

EurAstro Corporate Members

In addition to ASTRO and the AAC, the following associations joined EurAstro during and beyond the International Year of Astronomy as Corporate Members:

- the CAM i.e. Cercle Astronomique Mosan
- IVOIR'ASTRO i.e. Club des astronomes amateurs de Côte d'Ivoire
- the NASO i.e. Nepal Astronomical Society
- CAstroMoz i.e. Astronomy Club of Mozambique
- RixAstro i.e. Cercle d'astronomie de Rixensart
- Sepehreno i.e. Astronomy Society of Sepehreno
- Maltastro i.e. Astronomical Society of Malta
- ASTER i.e. Association ASTER d'Astronomie de Kherrata

Other clubs, associations and organisations are kindly invited to join EurAstro as Corporate Members.


Name ASTRO EurAstro
J.-L. Dighaye President, Chairman - EurAstro West
G. Tomezzoli Chairman, Treasurer
P. Farizon Vice-Chairman 
G. Lombardi Secretary
M. Rudolf WebmasterChairman - EurAstro East
A. Pace Chairman - EurAstro South
O. Nielsen Chairman - EurAstro North
Suresh Bhattarai Chairman - EurAstro World
Thilina Heenatigala  Co-Chairman - EurAstro World


Free general information about EurAstro events can be obtained by sending an e-mail to J.-L. Dighaye with the message 'subscribe EurAstro'. Your family name, first name, e-mail account and any further information you wish to add will be included in a file intended to be disclosed to all EurAstro subscribers. Specific distribution lists will be created and announced whenever necessary. To unsubscribe, send 'unsubscribe EurAstro'.

Together with the subscription message, you may indicate for which region(s) you need information. There is a distribution list mostly for Belgium, a sub-list for those observing at J.-L. Dighaye's Belgian facility, a list for Germany, with emphasis on events in Munich, and information management for the rest of the world. Indeed, EurAstro's largest section, working autonomously, is now called EurAstro World.

EurAstro World

The EurAstro World formerly known as EurAstro Overseas is section that takes care of all the EurAstro Affairs outside Europe. It is responsible to maintain the contacts to EurAstro corporate Members/Organizations and to expand it to have greater participation.

As EurAstro grew rapidly with greater number of people from around the world, this section will help them to know more about the organization and help them to cater their societies through astronomy. This section primarily focus on the astronomy education and outreach in 5 continents with mutual sharing of knowledge, resources and infrastructures.

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