The Solar Eclipse 1999 from the Munich Center Line Camp

Jean-Luc Dighaye, Giancarlo Tomezzoli

The following pictures have been obtained at the Center Line Camp in Unterzeitlbach. The images of the partially and totally eclipsed Sun were shot with a Celestron C8 telescope and a 0.6x focal reducer, resulting in a focal length of 1200 mm.

The images of the partial phases have been taken with a mylar filter.
Also some intermittent clouds acted as an additional but undesired filter...

The spectators at the Center Line Camp were lucky: some minutes before totality, the clouds receded and allowed fine views of the totally eclipsed Sun. Prominences and the corona could easily be seen...

Also a spectrum of the chromosphere has been recorded at the Center Line Camp. The flash spectrum was taken with a digital video camera and a prism in front of the objectice lens.

Numerous emission lines can be distinguished in the above spectra. Among the most important lines are (from right to left): hydrogen alpha (red, to the right border), helium (yellow, above the "36"), hydrogen beta (the brightest bluish-white line).

The spectrum to the right has been recorded some seconds after the third contact, at the Diamond ring phase, and shows already the (overexposed) continuum spectrum of the photosphere.

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