The EPO Astro Club Munich

ASTRO was founded in 1991 in order to promote interest in astronomy and to create links among EPO employees as well as their relatives and friends.

ASTRO comprises full members (who pay the annual fee and are entitled to all activities - 45 persons as of 02.01.2012), associate members and external members. Annual fee: EUR 25 to: EPA ASTRO-Club, IBAN: DE79 7009 0500 0005 7665 32, Sparda Bank BIC: GENODEF1S04. There is no entrance fee, and everybody may take part in one free ASTRO activity before choosing to become a full member.

ASTRO belongs to the EurAstro Association (1967 persons as of 31.12.2014) which organises activities external to the EPO, such as:

- public presentations (BIS 2005; NEF 2006-2008; ASAOM 2007, ACA 2008);

- one-day excursions (Rieskrater Nördlingen 2000, Fundamentalstation Wettzell 2001, Bonn exhibitions 2010), planetarium visits in 2006;

- attending conferences (SEC 2000 Antwerp, VdS Tagung Berlin 2003, RAS/RAB 2004-2007, SPSE 2006 in Libya, SEC 2007 Los Angeles, UNESCO Paris 2009, InterSoles Shanghai 2009, IYA closing ceremony Padua 2010, JENAM Portugal 2010, JENAM 2011 Saint Petersburg, SEC 2014 New Mexico) and publishing scientific results (Eddington and Vulcanoid experiments, Flash Spectrum Eclipse 2008);

- international astro-tourism missions (Canary Islands '97, Chile 2002), in particular solar eclipse chasing (Arizona '94, Rajasthan '95, Aruba '98, Solar Eclipse Campaign '99, Lusaka 2001, Australia 2002, Antarctica 2003, Pacific 2005, Spain 2005, Libya 2005 & 2006, Chinese Gobi 2008, Tibet & Shanghai 2009, Patagonia 2010; Arizona 2012, Australia 2012; Uganda 2013; SoFi Flight 2015) and planetary transits (Australia '93, Crete 2004, Munich 2012);

- educational projects: Mali 2007, IYA2009; Developing Astronomy Globally (Lycée Jean Renoir, Munich; Bamako, Mali; Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire; Maputo, Moçambique), Nepal 2011, Global Astronomy Month.

Important note: EPO employees who are full ASTRO members have priority in all EurAstro external activities.

ASTRO activities further include:
- Stammtisch every working day from 11:30 to 12:00 at the EPO main canteen (except 7th, 17th and 27th of the month: BA7, and 8th, 18th and 28th of the month: BA8);
- Information: In addition to our Internet site, specific information is provided via e-mail, specific brochures of the Amicale, the Yahoo! group of the AAC and the EurAstro blog. Several periodicals are circulated among the ASTRO members. Conferences are held, sometimes with the Marco Polo ethnology club - e.g. IYA2009 presentation on 15.10.2008. We stay in contact with several institutions and associations, including our sister club the AAC in The Hague. We have a storage room (PH 8650) for ASTRO material and archives;

- Optical expertise and telescope installation. ASTRO members own two 45-cm Dobsonian telescopes, a large apochromat refractor, several telescopes of the 20-28cm aperture class (C11, C8, LX200) and many smaller instruments. Beginners can borrow one of these!

- Automated imaging. Using CCD electronic detectors, we already discovered three asteroids and two supernovae. Video/webcam imaging, spectroscopy and digital/conventional astrophotography are conducted in parallel, sometimes with the Photo Club;

- Solar observations. A Lunt 60mm double stack for high-contrast solar activity observation is brought to the EPO Skybar, usually around 12:15, weather permitting. Please contact Giancarlo TOMEZZOLI, room 4355, tel. 2453 for an appointment.

- Skybar Astro Evenings. After work, an ETX-90 telescope and small refractors can be brought to the Skybar, weather permitting, for observing the Moon, the planets and other events of astronomical interest (Comet McNaught parties in January 2007). A well-attended public stargazing party took part at the 2008 Amicale 30-Year Party. Please contact Giancarlo TOMEZZOLI, room 4355, tel. 2453 or register to the ASTRO/EurAstro distribution lists to be informed about the planned observations.

- Star parties. A large apochromaticrefractor was installed at Ramersdorf for public observing sessions (Mars opposition 2003, lunar eclipse 09.11.2003, AFFOEBM parties, Deep Impact 04.07.2005). Meetings of beginners and experienced amateur astronomers are organised at the EPO premises (star party 06.05.2003 & transit of Mercury 07.05.2003), transit of Venus 08.06.2004, transit of Venus 06.06.2012 in preparation) or at selected sites near Munich for observing spectacular events such as lunar eclipses (04.05.2004), comets and meteor showers;

- Meteoritics Science in collaboration with the Mineralogy Club. See our collection of rare meteorites!

- Radio detection of meteor showers experiment hosted at the premises of the EPO Radiosociety at the EPO Isar Building in Munich.

The ASTRO committee comprises:

Giancarlo TOMEZZOLI, Chairman & Treasurer, room 4355, tel. 2453
Pascal Farizon, Vice-Chairman, room 3338, tel. tbd
Giancarlo Lombardi, Secretary, room 5604, tel. tbd

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