27.5.2013: Ménage à trois

Jean-Luc Dighaye

On 27.5 evening, the Club Anton, led by Ulrich Lang, and the Club M.Polo, led by Giancarlo Tomezzoli, helped the Astro Club organise the "Ménage à trois" evening at the EPO Munich Skybar. Anton had provided drinks and snacks, and Astro the sound system (courtesy Étienne Gillig), as well as telescopes (two Dobsonians, Stefan Prange's and the Club's; Jérôme Marot-Lassauzaie's Explore Scientific 80/480 apo with a 31mm Nagler eyepiece); and binoculars (my tripod-mounted Leica, and Asa Hagberg's).

We first looked at the sunset on the Alps, then I presented slide shows on Lapland with Aurora Borealis, and the EurAstro trips to China 2009 and Nepal 2011, comprising a tutorial on landscape astrophotography.

We then moved out to observe the "Ménage à trois", with the clouds dissipating and showing the trio Venus (-3.9mag) - Jupiter (-1.9mag) to the left of Venus - Mercury (-0.7mag) on top, all three object nicely fitting into the Nagler's field of view.

Mercury (top center), Venus (center right), Jupiter (center left)

At about 22h30, the sky was clear enough for us to observe Saturn with its moon Titan using the Dobsonians.