6 June 2012: Venus transit from Vienna

Manfred Rudolf

Austrian Astronomical Society observed the transit of Venus from the Flak tower in Esterhazypark, a relic of the 2nd World War which now houses an aquarium. Around 100 people have gathered to observe the event.

The image of the Flak tower below has been taken shortly after the transit. You can still see some persons and instruments on the platform.

Fortunately, the sky over Vienna was cloudless on transit day. Numerous instruments and cameras have been set up, and people wait for sunrise to come...

The panoramic view over Vienna. Just right of the center, the tower of St. Stephen´s cathedral.

The rising Sun was deep-red and heavily distorted by the city´s hazy atmosphere near the horizon. Venus could already be seen as a tiny black spot, even with naked eye.

When the Sun climbed higher, also some sunspots could be seen.

Is this Jupiter with its cloud bands and the shadow of one of its moons?

No, still the Sun with Venus. In the morning hours, there was heavy air traffic, and condensation clouds of aircraft exhausts passed over the Sun, giving the impression of cloud bands.

Venus leaves the Sun´s disc, and will next pass over it in 2117 only...

The images of the Sun were taken with a 1000mm f/10 telephoto lens and ND3.8 solar filter.