Annular Solar Eclipse 3 Oct. 2005

Manfred Rudolf

Our group, consisting of Joachim Draeger, Johann Rochus and Manfred Rudolf,observed the annular solar eclipse from the village of Laranueva in central Spain, exactly on the northern limit of the zone of annularity. The observation site allowed a complete view of the whole sky, it was however rather cold and very windy.

Joachim set up a huge wooden construction for photometry and polarimery of the whole sky during the eclipse.

The construction comprises sun shields which cast shadow on the fisheye lenses so that the whole sky (180 view) can be recorded without disturbing reflections from the sun.

The frame bearing the shadow disc moves with "solar speed" so that direct sunlight is always shielded off from the lenses.

The wind was so strong that eventually we had to set up some instruments just besides our car which protected us from the heavy wind gusts.

Although there were few sporadic clouds passing in front of the sun, we got nice views most of the time.

Mid-eclipse. The ring is broken by the mountains on the lunar limb.

The sun was particularly quiet on t6hat ay, even in H-alpha light. Some prominences were visible: