Images of Saturn obtained with a webcam

14.11.2002 M. Rudolf

This composite image of Saturn has been obtained with a Philips Toucam pro 740 webcam on the C11 + Barlow lens (ca. 6000 mm focal length).

For the above composite, 4000 individual images (almost 4 GB!) have been recorded with the webcam, the 1000 best images selected, enlarged, stacked, sharpened and contrast-adjusted with the Giotto astro-video program.

Here is a single image obtained with the webcam:

The composite after enlarging and stacking of 1000 of such images:

The stacked image still appears blurred, however it has a very high signal-noise ratio and rather severe sharpening algorithms can be used.

The sharpened image:

After adjusting contrast and color saturation, the final image (above) is obtained.