July 2006: M13, M15, M27 and NGC7000

Manfred Rudolf

15.6.2006: Globular cluster M13. Stack of 14 images 1 min exposure time, Canon EOS 20Da, 1600 ISO, C11.

18.7.2006: NGC7000 "America nebula". Mosaic of 4 images of 10x90s exposure time each, SBIG ST10, Nikon telephoto lens 300mm f/4, H-alpha filter.

16.7.2006: Globular cluster M15. Maksutov 900/6, Stack of 8 images 120s, Canon 20Da

15.7.2006: M27 "Dumbbell nebula". Maksutov 900/6, Stack of 10 images 120s, Canon 20Da

1.7.2006: M27 "Dumbbell nebula". C11 + Antares focal reducer 0.6x, Stack of 8 images 90s, Canon 20Da