28.10.-1.11.2007: Comet 17P/Holmes

Manfred Rudolf

Comet 17P/Holmes in Perseus
Note the open cluster NGC1528 near the left border. The bright star to the right of the comet is Mirphak (alpha Persei).
Canon 20Da, 50/2.8, 60s, 1600 ISO, 1.11.2007, 23:50 UTC.

Comet 17P/Holmes from SOT, 29.10.- 1.11.2007.
The images have been made with the same instrument and same exposure times (Maksutov 900/6, Canon 20Da, 20s, 1600 ISO). Note the increasing size and diminishing surface brightness of the comet's coma.

1.11.2007, 23:10 UTC. At longer exposure times, the central region is overexposed but the tenuous turquoise coma becomes visible.
Canon 20Da, 300/4, 10x60s, 1600 ISO.

A color composite (LRGB 1:1:1.2:1.5, C11, ST10, 20s, 29.10.2007, 21h UTC)

05.11.2007, 20:55 UTC: Maksutov 900/6, 20Da, 10x 60s, 1600 ISO

After a longer period of bad weather, comet Holmes could be observed again on 16./17. November:

17.11.2007, 0:05 UTC: Comet Holmes in Perseus. 50mm f/2.8, 20Da, 4x 60s, 1600 ISO

16.11.2007, 23:50 UTC: The bright star to the lower right is alpha Persei.
300mm f/4, 20Da, 12x 60s, 1600 ISO

16.11.2007, 21:30 UTC: Mak 900/6, 20Da, 10x 120s, 1600 ISO