Spring Sky Objects

March/April 2002, M. Rudolf

The edge-on galaxy NGC 4565 in Coma Berenices, note also the galaxy NGC 4562 to the lower right
Maksutov 6" f/6, CCD ST8

Spiral galaxy M101 in Ursa Major, note the faint galaxy NGC 5477 at the left border
Maksutov 6" f/6, CCD ST8

The planetary nebula M97 ("Owl nebula") in Ursa Major
Maksutov 6" f/6, CCD ST8

Part of the Virgo galaxy cluster, with the elliptic galaxies M84 (near the right border) and M86 (above center)
At least eight further galaxies are also within the field of view.
Maksutov 6" f/6, CCD ST8

The barred spiral galaxy NGC 3992 (M109) in Ursa Major. Also visible are the fainter galaxies UGC 6969 (upper left) and UGC 6940 (below)
Celestron C8, CCD ST8, composite of 10 images with 5 min exposure time each.