X-mas Comets

Jean-Luc Dighaye

X-mas Comets:

All images taken from LAC, Belgium, with 2300/5.6 'Albert', modified Canon EOS 5D 'Berti', no filter, FOV 12'

C/2006 M4 (SWAN): 22.12.06 at 17:17 UTC, 4x 15s, ISO 3200

P/2006 HR30 (Siding Spring): 22.12.06 at 17:33 UTC, 3x 8s, ISO 1600
Note: comet in the corner of the frame, to the upper right of the 'g' in 'Spring' - NGC 7197 to the lower left.

4P/Faye: 22.12.06 at 20:47 UTC, 4x 15s, ISO 3200

C/2006 L1 (Garradd): 19.12.06 at 23:24 UTC, 6x 15s, ISO 1600