Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann Gallery

Jean-Luc Dighaye

12 May 2006

Comet 73P, fragments B and C from POR, 12 May 2006. Total field of view 15'. Celestron 11, Nikon D100.

- B: composite of 18 images of 15s exposure each, taken from 00:36 to 00:46 UTC, comprising 6 images at ISO 6400, 6 images at ISO 3200 and 6 images at ISO 1600, processed to show the tail, the coma and the false nucleus.
- C (insert): composite of 12 images of 15s exposure each, taken from 00:51 to 00:58 UTC, comprising 6 images at ISO 6400 and 6 images at ISO 3200.

8 May 2006

Images of comet 73P-B, and 73P-C approaching M57 at LAC in Belgium. Wide-field images with the 'Bernard' astrograph: exposures 90 to 120 seconds. Close-up views with the 'Albert' telescope: exposure 15 seconds. All images taken with 'Bertha' Canon 1DsII at ISO 3200.

7 May 2006

From LAC, 2:10 UTC thus in astronomical twilight with setting moon. Albert & coma corrector, Bertha, 2x 15s at ISO 3200. "B" image enhanced in brightness.

5 May 2006

From LAC.
Upper left: 73P-B; Bernard, Lumicon comet filter, 2 exposures of 2 minutes at 3200 ISO
Upper right: 73P-C with same parameters.
Lower left: 73P-B; Bernard, UHC filter, 3 exposures of 3 minutes at 1600 and 3200 ISO
Lower right: 73P-C, Albert, coma corrector, Neodym filter, 15 s at 3200 ISO

2 May 2006

From LAC using Albert with coma corrector = 2300/5.2 and Bertha =Canon 1DsII at ISO 3200. Cropped to FOV = 21'. Good sky transparency, Bortle 5 light pollutio. Exposures taken between wind gusts.
Upper image: 73P-B: 22:31 UTC, composite of 9 exposures of 30s and 15s.
Lower image: 73P-C: 22:48 UTC, composite of 11 exposures of 30s, 15s and 8s.

30 April 2006

From Lac: Images taken with Bernard astrograph and with Albert telescope, and up to 30s exposure time.

22 April 2006

Images from POR with C11, Nikon D100, ISO 3200 & 6400,FOV 16'.
Left: Fragment C, 420s in 16 exposures of 15 or 30s
Right: Fragment B, 480s in 12 exposures of 30 or 60s.

7-8 April 2006

Images taken from POR with C11 and Canon 1DsII. FOV 15'

Fragment B in outburst. Changes in the shape of the coma are highlighted using a difference image.

Main component. Fragment B was at least as bright as C during the night from 07 April to 08 April. The images are composites of 5 exposures of 30s each, ISO 3200.

Fragment G (and possibly other aint fragments) is visible on this deeper image resulting from 11 exposures, total 510s, ISO 1600 and 3200.

8 April, ca. 0h UTC. Fragment C is left, B to the right.

27 February 2006

Fragment C of 73P, taken with Albert and coma corrector from LAC. 5 exposures of 15-30 seconds, 3200 ISO, FOV 39'.