J.-L. Dighaye

Satellite & Saturn - FOV 46° - Spa (Belgium)

Picture taken on a hazy evening, showing Orion to the left and Saturn & Aldebaran to the upper right. Notice the color differences. The rocket of a Lacrosse 2 satellite crossed the field.

40mm f/2.4, ISO 1600

Altair & ISS - FOV 23° - Spa (Belgium)

40mm f/2.4, ISO 1600

Scorpius & Iridium - FOV 28° - POR Munich

Picture taken at dawn, showing Antares rising and delta Sco in outburst (next to the TV antenna). A bright Iridium flare (-8 mag) occurred during the exposure.

50mm f/3.5, ISO 200

Flaring Geosat - FOV 10° - POR Munich

In spite of their large distance, geostationary satellites can produce flares visible to the naked eye. Here a PanAmSat (probably PAS-7 or PAS-10) is flaring in Hydra, left of Alphard.

03.03.02 at 18:07 UTC, 90 s exposure, 135mm f/2.8, ISO 200