Partial Lunar Eclipse - Munich, September 7, 2006

J.-L. Dighaye and G. Tomezzoli

Until sunset, weather in Munich was warm, with some dramatic clouds over the Alps and towards an approaching thunderstorm front.

A lot of people from the EPO social and cultural scene had gathered at the panoramic terrace outside the Skybar, waiting for the Moon to rise, already in the penumbral phase of the eclipse.

There was some haze, but my infrared-sensitive Canon EOS 5D (modified by expert Olivier Schreurs and equipped with a 500/5.6 lens) could easily peer through. Wide-field images were also taken using a Nikon D100 and a 70-200 zoom lens.

In the following hour, the partially eclipsed Moon was seen through broken clouds until, all of a sudden, lightning and thunder and rain and hail came on us, forcing everyone into the Skybar.