POR Comet Party 15. Jan 2005

Jean-Luc Dighaye

Comet Tucker, ST237, 500/1.8, 40x 20s LRGB, 17:36 UTC

Comet Gehrels, ST237, 500/1.8, 40x 20s LRGB, 18:09 UTC

Comet Machholz, 40x 10s LRGB, 18:56 UTC. Over-exposed at processing in order to reveal the tail(s)

100/2.8, Swan Band filter, 10x 60s, 19:50 UTC. Dust tail visible, vague hint 0f plasma tail

1600/8, Nikon D100, 4x 30s at ISO 1600 + 8x 15s at ISO 800, 20:30 UTC, cropped to FOV 0.4°. Coma visible only