Comet Machholz from Munich

Jean-Luc Dighaye, Giancarlo Tomezzoli

Comet Machholz on 18.12.2004

Apochromat 200/1600, Nikon D100, composite of 14 exposures of 30s each: 4x around 22:04, ISO 1600, fluorescent balance + 4x around 22:16, ISO 6400, Swan band filter + 6x around 22:28, ISO 1600, incandescent balance. Note that the comet's tails are invisible in any of the individual (not shown), composite (above) or isophote (below) images.

20. 12. 2004: First result with the CAM + Tele Vue 101/540 + Swan band filter + reducer x0.8 with Nikon D100, 120s exposure, 800 ISO, "shadow" balance, high contrast. Cropped to FOV = 3°. Temperature -8°. Note the slight drift (coarse 3-star alignment only).

Again, Machholz shows no visible tail, but this image was taken from POR with strong lunar interference.