4.-7. Oct. 2007: Europlanet at LAC

Jean-Luc Dighaye

From 04 to 07 October, 2007, visual and photographic observations were organised at LAC as an Europlanet event. Here are some images taken during the last observation night i.e. 07 October, using a Canon EOS 1Ds MkII camera.

A spectacular grouping of the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Regulus and further Leo stars was seen before dawn.
Pictures were taken with a 85mm lens (FOV 28) at 03:24 and a 200mm lens (FOV 12) at 03:41 UTC.

The next photographic target was Comet C/2007 F1 (LONEOS), rising at dawn.
Image: 520/2.7 astrograph, 04:26 UTC, 6x 30s at ISO 800, Nd filter, cropped to FOV 3.6.

Regulus was occulted by the Moon around sunrise. Images, taken with a Celestron 8, show Regulus (and 8-mag star SAO 98966):
- far away from the Moon at 04:55 UTC, in a rather dark sky revealing Earthshine;

- getting closer at 05:15, in civil twilight;

- almost touching the lunar limb at 05:23:07 UTC;
- after emerging from the lunar dark limb, invisible in daylight at 05:59:17 UTC.