August 2009: Comets allery

Jean-Luc Dighaye

Images of comet Lulin from Munich, taken under very poor weather conditions, mostly through clouds. Curiously, autoguiding with the ST4 on a bright nearby star (gamma Virginis) worked even through the clouds.

Maksutov 150/900mm, Canon D20a, single shots with 60sek exposure, ISO 800.

19.2.09, 1:30 MEZ:

20.2.09, 2:20 MEZ (through even more clouds):

Comet Lulin, taken through thin clouds on 26.02.2009 at about 00:25 UTC.
Apochromat 200/1600, defiltered Canon EOS 5D, 16x 15s, ISO 800, cropped to FOV = 40'.

Comet C/2006 W3 (Christensen) & NCG 7331 galaxy. LAC, 01.06.09 at 01:08 UTC, good sky transparency, beginning of twilight.
520/2.7 astrograph, Canon EOS 1Ds MkII, 10x 88s at ISO 800, Nd filter. Cropped to FOV = 2.5. North is left.

On 19 August, comet Christensen was close to NGC 6886, a very small planetary nebula, hard to distinguish visually from the field stars, but recognisable as a definitely blue dot. Here an image taken at 21:49 UTC (North is up) and scale (50' FOV). The nebula is marked "N".

Christensen came close (separation 4) to M27 the Dumbbell Nebula, see this image taken on 19 August at 23:14, with a total FOV of 5.

On 22 August at 21:38, Christensen was less than 3 from M71 globular cluster. The comet looks larger since the image was cropped to 3 FOV, but actually it is getting fainter since it is receding from both the Earth and the Sun.