CCD Images

Paolo Sala

All these images have been obtained by Paolo Sala with a SBIG ST6 CCD Camera from Giesing, Munich.

Mars, Red filter+IR block filter Mars, Green filter (note the white polar cap at the upper left)
All Mars pictures have been taken on 10.4.1999 with a Celestron C8 telescope, at ca. 10 m focal length
Mars, Red+violet filter
Edge-on galaxy NGC 891 in Andromeda Sombrero Galaxy NGC 4594 (M 104) in Virgo
Barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300 in Eridanus Barred spiral galaxy NGC 3992 (M 109) in Ursa Maior
Elliptical galaxy NGC 4406 (M 86) in Virgo Spiral galaxy NGC 4321 (M100) in Coma Berenices
Galaxy NGC 5457 (M 101) in Ursa Maior Galaxy NGC 6946 in Cepheus
Globular Cluster M10 in Ophiuchus Planetary nebula M 27 (Dumbbell Nebula) in Vulpecula

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