27. October 2010: NEA 2003 UV11

On 27 October, the 600m diameter Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) 2003 UV11 came close to the Earth (ca. 5 lunar distances) and passed near the galaxy NGC 772 (11 mag).

27.10.2010, 20:13, POR, 200/1600 apochromat, defiltered Canon EOS 5D, 4x 15s, ISO 3200, J.-L. Dighaye

A composite of 30 exposures, 30s each, showing the path of the asteroid from 19:44:58 (left) to 20:18:31 (right). C11, ST10, M. Rudolf
(the dark spot to the upper right is an ice crystal which formed on the CCD window - high time to desiccate the camera once again ;-)