POR - Presidential Observatory Ramersdorf

Jean-Luc Dighaye

An overview of the POR (Presidential Observatory Ramersdorf) is presented in the first image. The facility comprises a terrace, a part of which is covered by the neighbour's balcony (upper right)

The main instrument comprises a 200/1600 apochromat "Sabine" and a Celestron C11 "Ritter" attached to an equatorial mount on wheels. When not in use, the instrument is stored under the balcony and behind a transparent membrane (first image, far right) mounted on wheels too, and further protected by a flexible cover (the blue bag visible in a folded configuration).

The astronomical instruments of the EPO Astro Club members are commissioned at POR. In November-December 2004, we procured a CAM (Celestron Advanced Mount) which can support compact telescopes, such as Annie Decroix's Tele Vue 101 (image below, Giancarlo Tomezzoli is inspecting it) and/or Grigorios Pazionis' Ranger. Tripod-mounted Leica 10x42 BN binoculars are seen to the right.