EurAstro report on the Jena planetarium

Jean-Luc Dighaye, 05 August 2006

The famous Zeiss Planetarium Jena, housed in a dome of 23m diameter and 14.5m height, corresponding to a capacity of about 300 seats, opened first in 1926. The projector and its accessories were upgraded several times. The present Zeiss Model VIII 'Universarium' was installed in 1996.

Its predecessor is on display at the city's market. Other exhibits and future projects can be seen at the Optisches Museum.

Dr. G. Tomezzoli and myself attended a classical planetarium show (i.e. without laser effects) on NEOs: 'Gefahr aus dem All'.

The planetarium is about to close for a major overhaul. After the show, the operator kindly showed us the "old" technique behind the scenes, including numerous slide projectors, and the powerful lasers being part of the forthcoming upgrade.

Link to Jena Planetarium


Jena and its Planetarium

Former projector at the Market

Planetarium models and projects

The Universarium projector

Control desk and projectors

The Lasers