Brief EurAstro report on the Freiburg planetarium

Jean-Luc Dighaye, 08 July 2006

Access with public transportation is quite easy - the planetarium is part of the Freiburg main train station complex.

Seat reservation can be done automatically via Internet.

Planetarium sessions are foreseen everyday, for (school)children, the whole family, or a main show mostly for grown-ups. The dome has a diameter of 13m, corresponding to a capacity of 140 seats. It is equipped with a Zeiss Starmaster ZMP projector.

Personal impressions:

Due to schedule constraints, I could not attend the main show, but only the "Mission Saturn" family program from 15:00 to 16:00 - see first three images.

Operators make full use of the planetarium techniques - see second image. In particular, the simulation of the descent of the Huygens probe onto Titan was thrilling, including a fine panorama of the horizon. In my opinion, the show is fully adapted to (clever) kids. The show was well-attended, considering that we were on a sunny Saturday afternoon - see last image.

Before leaving - see fourth image, I had a brief chat with the staff (Dr. Gruber), I was told about their common work with Munich (ex-Forum der Technik) and Osnabrück.

Conclusion: highly recommended.


Before the Show

The Control Desk

After the Show

The Way Out

Freiburg Cathedral