EurAstro Prize 2008

On August 19th, 2007 at the 'LAC' facility, the EurAstro Prize, even though it amounts to seven thousand euros, was awarded in a homely way to Ms Sophie Bauduin. Sophie is also Miss EurAstro 2008-elect, and she already won scientific and literary prizes in Belgium.

Sophie is keen at astronomy, and she will start studying chemistry next month, so she was given books on astronomy, astrophysics and chemistry ...and she was in charge of lighting the fireworks accompanying the ceremony.

Sophie came to LAC with her father Dr. Marc Bauduin.

Since a part of the EurAstro Prize will be spent to send Sophie, with the EurAstro/Eclipse-City team, to the total solar eclipse of August 1st, 2008 near Hami, China, where melon is grown and yurts are seen, the guests (fourteen in total) were treated with a yurt-shaped cake made of melon ice.

The remainder of the EurAstro Prize could be used for spectroscopic equipment and studies. Appropriately, cometologist Dr. EmmanuŽl Jehin - who is also Local Chairman of EurAstro West - came and met Sophie. We then rushed outside to open the dome of the 'Albert' telescope.

Since it soon began to rain, we came back inside and took advice from observer and popularizer Roland Boninsegna. Sophie and Roland already met at the Astronomie Centre Ardenne, and we hope for further fruitful common work there.

Jean-Luc Dighaye
Pictures by Amandine Joachim