EurAstro and the 100 Hours of Astronomy in Munich

Jean-Luc Dighaye

Part 2: POR

Observers at POR were scarce, even though both evenings of 03 and 04 April were quite fine, with above average seeing conditions. The Moon, Saturn and some bright stars could be observed with 'Ritter', 'Sabine' and the binoviewer at magnifications up to x200. Here the first attempt at lunar photography by our new subscriber Mikhail Pak.

A dangerous exercise was the daytime observation of Venus, hindered by clouds. Indeed, I had to climb out of the POR to aim the telescopes at the rising Sun. Intermittent clouds came then, so I attempted to look at the Sun without a filter (except the clouds) - it was a première and it could have been a dernière since I forgot to put the front cap on 'Ritter', thereby forming a kind of solar image on the eyepiece cap, as you can see!