EurAstro and the 100 Hours of Astronomy in Munich

Jean-Luc Dighaye

Part 1: EPO Skybar

The 100HA events organised by EurAstro and the EPO Astro Club Munich started with solar observations on the Skybar terrace on 02 April 2009 at 12:15. The Sun was nearly featureless. The day after, though, a solar prominence was seen.

The main activity took place on 02 April starting 17:15. A number of telescopes were set up across the Skybar terrace.

The Cosmic Diary crew was there! See their report

Every child was given a Galileo Scope. They learned how to assemble it, use its accessories, and observe the Moon.

A small but capable reflector called the FirstScope was presented, and tested by the audience.

Observations included a scenic transit of the International Space Station in front of the Moon, Saturn and its satellites Titan and Rhea, the occultation of a star (SAO 79065) by the Moon, and a wide field view of the Pleiades.